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eye disease screening

Regularly scheduled eye exams are medically necessary to optimize vision and detect eye diseases early in their course of progression. The eye exam is personally performed by Dr. Haft using state of the art medical equipment to achieve the most accurate assessment of your eye status. Each exam screens for refractive status (glasses or contacts), glaucoma, cataracts, macular status, and dry eyes.

Exams are carried out in a very hygienically clean environment, with the assistance of a very well trained and friendly staff. Our office is run very efficiently with minimal waiting times.

Dr. Haft educates his patients about their eye status to help them understand the importance of their treatment plan. Dr. Haft also communicates with family physicians about the eye status of our diabetic patients, to help coordinate their overall healthcare.

Dr. Haft examines patients of all ages.


Dr. Haft performs cataract and lens implant surgery at the outpatient surgery department of the Wellington Regional Medical Center. The surgical experience is reviewed with each patient prior to surgery by Dr. Haft, so the patient can make a fully informed decision about proceeding with cataract surgery. We work in partnership with your family physician and the anesthesiologist to ensure that cataract surgery is medically safe for you.


Dr. Haft utilizes the newest and most biocompatible contact lenses. We have samples of spherical (standard) contacts, toric (astigmatism-correcting) contacts, and multifocal contacts for our patients to test out with free trials. We provide contact lens training for new contact lens patients.


intra ocular lens

Dr. Haft performs laser treatments with two in-office lasers.

Yag laser capsulotomies treat secondary cataracts that may occur months or years after cataract surgery. The laser actually clears away a film in the lens capsule that may develop.

Yag laser iridotomy is performed to prevent or treat narrow angle glaucoma.

Laser trabeculoplasty is performed to treat open angle glaucoma when eyedrop therapy is not adequate.

Argon retinal laser therapy is performed to reverse diabetic macular swelling or proliferative diabetic retinopathy.

Argon retinal lasers are also performed to seal retinal tears that may develop with the new onset of vitreous floaters (posterior vitreous detachments).


Dr. Haft has a minor procedure surgical suite to treat patients with eyelid growths, styes, chalazions, and to insert punctal plugs (for the dry eye syndrome).

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